Sudan – Ethiopia – Djibouti - Heading Southeast


A 14 day tour into the heart of EASTAfrica, where you can immerse yourself in this once in a lifetime adventure. Experience exotic lands, outstanding living heritage, people, and the pristine nature of Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti. Our expedition will offer highlights of each country in a very special combination

  1. Sudan  The biggest African country before it had been divided into 2 parts – in the north it is known for the ancient Nubian Pharaohs, called “Black Pharaohs”, dominating at the time also Egypt.

  2. Ethiopia   Located at the “Horn of Africa” and for years a “forgotten country” – might be the origin for all our ancestors and offers today 8 World Cultural Heritage sites like the rock church of Lalibela or the archeological sites of Axum. But also for its nature it is worthwhile a visit.

  3. The East-African Republic of Djibouti is famous semi-desert landscape - the Danakil-depression.

  4. We offer a very special combination of the three destinations. We start our trip in Khartoum (Sudan), located where the Blue and White Niles merge to form the Nile. The Blue Nile flows between Khartoum and Bahri, the White Nile between Khartoum and Omdurman, and the merged Nile between Bahri and Omdurman. The city, both the old part and its newer extensions, is laid out mostly in a grid. Omdurman has a more Middle Eastern atmosphere with maze-like streets and is home to the huge Souq Omdurman. Bahri is largely industrial and residential.

  5. Arriving to Ethiopia you will explore Gondar, founded by Emperor Fasilidas around 1635 and famous for its medieval castles and churches, for which Gondar has been called the “Camelot of Africa”. The city retains an atmosphere of antique charm mixed with an aura of mystery. Only 35
    km to the south the gleaming waters auf Lake Tana (the source of the Nile and the largest lake in Ethiopia) are waiting for you. We will cross the ethiopian highlands and drive down to the Danakli desert with the sulfite and salt lakes (Dallol and Afrera). One of the amazing highlights will be standing in the night on the top aof the active Ertale vulcano.

  6. Djibouti will say welcome to the marginal amount of visitors with mystic structures around lake Abbé and the deepest point in Africa - salt lake Assal. The beautiful gulf of Tadjoura will be our final destination of this „once in a lifetime“ expedition.

  7. Route:

  8. Khartoum – Omdurman – Gedaref/Metema(Ethiopia) – Tana Lake – Gondar – Axum – Mekelle – Hamed Ela – Danakil – Dallol - Salt Digger – Ertale Vulcano – Salt lake Afrera – Djibouti – Lake Abbé – Lake Assal - Tadjoura - Djibouti

  9. Dates:

  10.         I     06.01. – 19.01.2015

  11. Participants:

  12.         6 - 12

  13. Price:     

  14.         2.840 Euro

06.01. – 19.01.2015 
2.840 €