North Coast & Siwa Oasis


Northern Coast, FRom Alexandria to Siwa Oasis

  1. Siwa Oasis is a very special destination. It became famous by the writings of the Greek historian Herodotus about the lost Persian army of Cambyses as well as the famous visit of Alexander the Great to the Amon Oracle. In Siwa sometime we will spend time walking around the Oasis and the palm gardens, visiting the ancient city of Shali and the Temple of the Oracle. We will visit the tiny
    remote town of “Qara um al Sarrir”, located at the edge of the Qatar Depression.

  2. Alexandria, the city of Alexander the Great, is worth a visit with its famous Alexandria Library and the Fortress of Qait Bey. You might enjoy as well tasting the delicious fresh fish from the coast.

  3. Rosetta is a unique place at the Western arm of the Nile, were we still could see some of the few houses from the Ottoman period, as well as the fortress of Rosetta, where the famous Rosetta stone was found.

  4. The Northern Coast of Egypt has got plenty of lakes. We will have the unique experience to travel on the Borolluslake, using one of the local fisher boats.

  5. Ras al Bahr is a relatively new Coastal Village, which was founded during the Second World War. As the rich Egyptians could not travel to Europe at that time any longer, that place was found instead to spend the summer months there.

  6. Damietta is the second coastal town at the end of the second Nile arm, it became famous for wooden furnishers.

  7. Route:

  8. Cairo - Wadi Natrun - El Alamein - Marsa Matruh - Siwa - Alexandria - Rosetta - Borullous Lake - Ras al Bahr - Damietta - Cairo

  9. Dates:

  10.         I     08.04. – 19.04.2016
            II    10.06. – 21.06.2016

  11. Participants:

  12.         min. 4

  13. Price:     

  14.         1.488 Euro     (*Sgl room/tent: 135 Euro)

08.04. – 19.04.2016 
10.06. – 21.06.2016 
1.488 €