Gebel Uweynat - in the heart of the Libyan Desert


Gebel Uweynat A Hidden and magic mountain behind horizon

  1. Gebel Uweynat is the highest mountain in the heart of the Libyan Desert. Some seventy years ago the mountain was newly discovered by the Egyptian explorer Ahmed Hassanein Pasha and was divided than into different political parts.

  2. Now the Gebel Uweynat is located half in Sudan and the other half in Libya and only a very small portion resides in Egypt.

  3. Our Trip: We will be starting from Aswan to travel south and visit the Abu Simbel Temple before entering into the Sudan. From here we will travel over the Selima Sandsheet to the remote mountains of Gebel Uweynat and Kissu where you can find pre historic paintings.
    Our return route will lead us up the Nile to the Pyramids of Meroe before we will reach the capital of Sudan, Khartoum, where our tour will come to an end.

  4. Route:

  5. Aswan – Abu Simbel – Wadi Halfa – Selima Oasis – Burg al Tuyur – Gebel Uweynat – Gebel Kissu – Bayuda Desert – Meroe – Khartoum

  6. Dates:

  7.         I     23.12.2015 – 05.01.2016 
            II    18.02. – 07.03.2016

  8. Participants:

  9.         4 - 12

  10. Price:     

  11.         2.840 Euro

Gebel Uweynat


23.12. – 05.01.2016  
18.02. – 07.03.2016 
2.840 €