In the Land of the Beja


The Eastern Desert, home of the Ababda and Basharin Arabs, is still one of the most unknown regions of Earth.

  1. The Bedouin there still live the same way they did hundreds of years ago. The area is rich in vegetation in which many gazelles live. The most interesting settlement is to be found at Shalatin on the coast, where one finds the largest camel market in Egypt.

  2. Our Trip: We shall have the opportunity to visit this fascinating and unique camel market.

  3. The hospitality of the Nubians is unforgettable and you will take away with you many fond memories of these fine people.

  4. Our Route:

  5. Aswan – Wadi Allaqi – Taimur wells – Sheikh Shazley – Wadi Naam - Abraq – Abu Safaa – Wadi Hodein – Shalatin – Satout – Marsa Alam

  6. Dates:

  7.         I     19.03. – 03.04.2016

  8. Participants:

  9.         6-12

  10. Price:     

  11.         2.095 Euro

19.03. – 03.04.2016 
2.095 €