SUdan – Egypt: In the land of the Black Pharaohs


Nubia is a region along the Nile river located in what is today northern Sudan and southern Egypt. One of the earliest indigenous civilizations, with a history that can be traced from 2000 B.C. onward through Nubian monuments and artifacts as well as written records from Egypt and Rome, it was home to one of the African empires. Today it will welcome you still with its own culture and hospitality. The two temples of Abu Simbel, last but not least, dignified witnesses of the history of Pharao Ramesses II and his queen Nefertari, never lost their fascinating appearance.

  1. Khartoum   is the capital of Sudan and its beautiful market is located in Omdurman across the Nile. Here you can buy plenty of exotic African products.

  2. All the way along the Nile from Khartoum till we reach Aswan we will come across the Pharaonic monuments of the Black Pharaohs. It is the Pyramids of Meroe or the Mastabas of Kurru. When we reach Egyptian soil the first Pharaonic Temple, that of Abu Simbel will greet us. The temple was build from Ramses the Second and was discovered by Burckhard in 1812.

  3. Near Aswan we will experience the Nubian hospitality on an Island on the Nile. 

  4. Route:

  5. Khartoum – Musawwarat es Sufra – Naga – Meroe – Bayuda Desert – Ghazali – Nuri – Karima (Gebel Barkal) – Kurru – Old Dongola – Kerma – Sesebi – Soleb – Sai – Wadi Halfa – Abu Simbel – Haissa Island – Aswan 

  6. Dates:

  7.         I     03.04. – 17.04. 2016

  8. Participants:

  9.         6 - 12

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  11.         2.670 Euro

03.04. – 17.04. 2016 
2.670 €