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Egypt offers plenty of hidden treasures, not yet really discovered by mass tourism

  1. We are happy to present you some of them in Cairo, like the Ibn Toloun Mosque or the Geographical Middle Egypt

  2. Before heading to Luxor, you find most of the Pharaonic Monuments in Middle Egypt. Reason for that is, that the Pharao Achnaton was very innovative by creating a new god and a new capital. Here we will enjoy for some days the hospitality of a local Coptic family. 

  3. Luxor has got more than one face; you can choose the touristic part on the East bank with huge hotels and the famous temples of Luxor and Karnak. Or you chose the more natural Luxor on the West Bank located in the fertile Nile valley. Here we chose to stay in a small hotel.

  4. Our Route:

  5. Cairo - Beni Hassan – Deir Abu Hinis – Tell el Amarna – Tuna el Gebel – Ashmonein – West Bank Luxor – Valley of the Kings – Cairo

  6. Dates:

  7.         I     10.09. - 21.09.2015

  8.         II    21.04. - 07.05.2016

  9. Participants:

  10.         4-12

  11. Price:     

  12.         1.422 Euro

10.09. - 21.09.2015
21.04. - 07.05.2016 

1.422 €