Following the Holy Family


Egypt is a country of accentuated contrasts and also the Holy Family travelled around 2000 km through the country. We try to follow their traces

  1. We will start our trip from Cairo where the Holy Family had a rest more than one time. From here we will visit the monasteries of Wadi Natrun, and from Maadi -a district of Cairo- we will find our way on the Nile, going south like the Holy Family.

  2. Before returning back to Palestine, the Family had their longest stay in the Moharreq Monastery. We will discover again also that ancient building.

  3. The return route of the Holy Family kept always mysterious. So we are returning now to the Mountains of the Red Sea, to the two oldest monasteries in history; Saint Anthony and Saint Paul. We will have a hike between the two monasteries before returning back to Cairo.

  4. Our Route:

  5. Cairo – Wadi Natrun – Bahnasa – Gebel el Tayr – El Ashmonein – Moharreq Monastry – Deir Abu Hinis – Durunqul – Asyuit – Antony Monastry – Paulus - Cairo

  6. Dates:

  7.         I     27.09. - 08.10.2015 

  8.         II    21.11. - 02.12.2015

  9. Participants:

  10.         4-12

  11. Price:     

  12.         1.035 Euro

27.09. - 08.10.2015 
21.11. - 02.12.2015 

1.035 €